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At 11 years old, I landed on the tarmac to “Welcome to America” by Neil Diamond playing over the loudspeakers. Three weeks later I walked into a public-school classroom and stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. While I did not speak or understand English, I knew I was in the greatest country on earth!

Today, I am a public-school mom of three who's been in the trenches and on the front lines of education for a decade. I go to the board meetings; even the ones no one else goes to. I meet with administrators and review curriculum at the district office. I know where the bad curriculum is and who the bad actors are. And I know … we need a massive intervention in Scottsdale.

My husband and I own a Real Estate Investment and Devlopment Consultancy, and we moved to Scottsdale 1 specifically for SUSD’s academic excellence. Sadly, we’ve witnessed firsthand the steady decline in merit based academics. There is an 8-year age gap between my oldest and youngest, the stark differences in how our children are being educated is shocking. 

I can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. It’s going to take a change agent to fix our district, and I am going to do just that. As a candidate, I bring a passion for our children’s future, respect for our parents, an ability to build trust and find connecting points with those of differing opinions, and most importantly, I have proven track record of making positive changes in the district.  

When children are in need, I take action. Merely joining committees isn't an accomplishment, outcomes matter.


Supplemental curriculum committee: I and our team successfully removed resources that lacked merit and quality, and recommended quality resources to be used by teachers. 

English Language Development Task Force: As an English Language Learner myself, I joined this committee along with a team of teachers, administrators, community members and parents to help create a program that supports all students, especially those who come here from all different backgrounds and don't speak or understand English.


 In May of 2020, the community was in lockdown, Zoom was the new classroom and athletics were canceled. I recognized the harmful impacts of closing down the one outdoor outlet for physical exercise and camaraderie that students desperately needed. I gathered 140 parents and launched a campaign to get summer sports reinstated. Within 24 hours an emergency board meeting was scheduled, resulting in summer sports resuming two weeks later. I spoke with a Coach recently and he said, "Carine, had you not done that we would not have had sports in 2020."

Just as in the summer of 2020, I will continue to fight for our children, parents, and teachers.

I am beholden to no one, no philanthropies, unions, or special interest.  I will work for what’s in the best interest of our students. I will always represent the parents and community members and promise … 


     1 . To put students and academic achievement first  

     2. To champion the AZ Parents Bill of Rights and restore trust between district and community 

     3. To demand full budget, curriculum, and club transparency 

     4. To demand that all surveys be opt-in with full disclosure to parents

     5. To recognize and reward our effective teachers

     6. To put money back in the classroom, and to not waste funds on social media marketing and other 

pet projects. SUSD is spending $156,000 on social media marketing while our students' grades decline          and effective teachers are denied opportunities for a raise.

Just imagine, classrooms in Scottsdale, the students stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. They have genuine pride for our country. They know that no matter their background, opportunity is offered to them by our great nation. Students graduate at or above grade level and they are able to secure meaningful employment, attend a vocational school or college, or find great on-the-job training programs or start their own businesses. This is my vision. If it’s yours too, let’s stand together. 

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