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SUSD by the Numbers 

We need change in the

Scottsdale School District.


Academic Achievement & Enrollment Rates Continue to Decline!


  • Scottsdale Unified School District is spending 24% more per student compared to state-defined peer districts, however, less than half of our students are proficient in reading and math.


  • Only 36% of SUSD students are proficient in English (ELA)

  • Only 35% of SUSD students are proficient in Math

  • Peer districts are academically outperforming SUSD: 















  • Scottsdale Public Schools should aim to compete with charter schools; instead, they are falling short. 







  • Schools have a fixed budget. Every student that leaves, takes with them a portion of that budget.

  • From August 2021 until January 2022 SUSD lost an estimated 736 students (a 3% decrease) and added 24 staff members (a 3% increase) in headcount to the district main office and district departments.  


  • Classroom instructional spending is down by 7%, or $17M dollars, while …

  • Spending on counselors and social workers has increased by 3%, or $7M! 


  • With the dismal academic achievement rates, the district needs to put focus and funds in the classroom and not on unnecessary spending such as a $156,000 social media campaign!



  • There has been a 21% decrease in enrollment from 2001 to 2020, equaling a loss of 4,526 students over the past 19 years!

  • Using the 2022 revenue of $14,643 per student, that’s a funding loss of $66 million!


When I’m elected to the Scottsdale School Board, I will focus on restoring excellence to our academic programs and drive changes that will enable SUSD to attract and retain students. We must stop prioritizing social programs and indoctrination over education!




ELA, Grade 10, & Math Grade 10; All Students, 2021 AzM2 and MSAA assessment combined results;

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Scottsdale Unified School District - District Spending Report (

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