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​Carine Werner's TOP ISSUES AT A GLANCE:

  • We must champion the AZ Parents Bill of Rights, restoring trust between the district and community.

  • We must demand budget, curriculum, and club transparency!

  • We must recognize and reward our most effective teachers, putting money back in the classroom and not wasting it on social media marketing. SUSD is spending $156,000 on social media marketing and branding. 


What makes a good school great? I believe it’s a relentless commitment to a high-quality education coupled with a dedication to building partnerships between school administration, teachers, parents, and the community. In Scottsdale, we’ve gotten off track:  More than 50% of our high school students are NOT passing their proficiency exams in Math and ELA. Parents are fleeing public schools for alternative education options. Trust in our administration and school board continues to decline. 

While problems abound, opportunities are within reach. We need positive leadership with values that match our community interests. We need administration and school board members who will value parent input, address teachers’ needs and drive positive change for academic achievement. 

As an involved mother, successful business leader and dedicated student advocate with a proven record of creating positive change, I am ready to stand with the families of Scottsdale. Together, we can find common ground and re-establish the trust required to build great schools, and most importantly, great students. When I am elected to serve as a school board member for the Scottsdale district, my focus will be students first, parents rights, support for effective teachers and buliding strong communities.



Our students must come first! Their academic achievement will be my ultimate priority.


My goals include: 

  • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: A strategy for improved academic scores must be clearly stated, aggressive and measurable. We can only achieve what we focus on and measure. Setting goals and establishing a shared commitment to reach milestones is a must. In 2021 the 10th grade math proficiency exam pass rates were: Coronado 8% | Arcadia 29% | Saguaro 37% | SOL 39% | Chaparral 40% | Desert Mountain 49%. We must do better for our students, and we can.  

  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: Every child deserves an equal opportunity to achieve their greatest potential. Just as every child is unique, so is every child’s path to a successful life. While many will be college bound, others may desire careers that are better suited for trade schools or on-the-job training programs. It’s critical that every family has the resources and information they need to help their child make the best possible decision for his/her future.  


  • WORLD CLASS EDUCATION: As a school board member, I will be laser focused on ensuring we’re preparing students for future success in the workplace and community. Building top-notch programs for reading, writing, arithmetic, science, the arts, and physical education is critical to helping our students prepare for meaningful careers. Politics should have no place in our schools. Nor do controversial, indoctrination programs such as Transformative Social Emotional Learning or Culturally Responsive Teaching (the new cloaks for CRT). 


  • IN-PERSON LEARNING: Our students thrive in school; I will always fight to keep an in-person learning option for our SUSD families without mask or vaccine mandates.


Parent involvement is essential for building resilient schools.  The AZ Parents Bill of Rights must be followed.


  • RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR CHILD IS BEING TAUGHT: Parents have a right to have access to SUSD’s surveys. curriculum, lesson plans, work books, instructional and supplemental materials for both classes and clubs.. Transparency and open communication builds trust.


  • RIGHT TO MAKE MEDICAL DECISIONS FOR YOUR CHILD: Medical decisions should be made between a parent, a child and their medical providers. Public school districts should trust parents to make those decisions. I will always vote to ensure parents retain the power to make health decisions for their minor children.


  • RIGHT TO DECIDE IF SEX ED IS RIGHT FOR YOUR CHILD: Curriculum transparency should extend to sexual education in all settings, including classrooms and school-sponsored clubs. Parents’ must be provided the opportunity to review and opt-in to age-appropriate lessons.



Our schools are stronger when effective teachers are supported. 


  • SUPPORT DURING CHANGE: Teachers have had the very difficult task of transitioning lessons from 100% in-person learning to 100% online teaching to a hybrid of in-person and online. We must continue to innovate and support our educators as they navigate these changing times. Ensuring that teachers have the support they need directly impacts the quality of our students’ education. 


  • SUPPORT PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Teachers rely on parents for support and assistance in delivering a number of programs and activities. I believe parents belong back on school campuses where they can lend the helping hand our teachers so desperately need. 


  • RECOGNIZE AND REWARD OUR EFFECTIVE TEACHERS: Put money back in the classroom and not waste it on frivolous spending, and social media marketing campaigns. SUSD is spending $156,000 on social media marketing and branding.


  • SAFE SCHOOLS: I support our school resource officers and value the safety and security they provide for both our teachers and students. When teachers can focus on education, free from concern of school safety, our students have an enhanced opportunity to thrive, additionally it fosters positive relationships between students and police.

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