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Public Schools Are The Heart of America.

My American story begins at age 11 when my family arrived in this great country as immigrants. Public school provided a sense of community that enabled me to thrive and find success academically and socially.

Today, I am a proud Scottsdale resident, a local business owner and a parent. With three children, six and eight years apart in age, I have been heavily involved in Scottsdale schools for a decade. Sadly, over time, I have witnessed the decline of academic quality in our schools. In 2021, less than 37% of SUSD 10th graders tested as proficient in math and English.

While academics are in free fall, the current Scottsdale school board has made national headlines, embarrassing our great city with scandals that reveal a complete disregard for the very parents who entrust them with the privilege of educating our children. We hired the Scottsdale school board with our votes to ensure the highest quality of academic education, and they have failed us.

I am running for Scottsdale School Board to restore excellence, and to return normalcy to our community. Your board members should represent your values. I ask for your vote for Scottsdale Unified School Board and commit the following to you:

Refocus on Traditional Academics: Today, a majority of Scottsdale students are not proficient in math and English. Yet, SUSD’s strategic development plan treats academics as an afterthought. We must get back to basics. When I am on the board, I will prioritize academic achievement programs that are aggressive and measurable.

Revive Parents Rights: Research has shown that parental involvement in a child's education positively impacts academic success. Yet, SUSD’s current school board has ignored parents, putting their own objectives first and blunting parents’ rights to make education and medical decisions for their minor children. I commit that when I am on the board, I will listen. I will support full transparency of all school clubs and classes so that parents can make informed decisions.

Restore Student Opportunity: Every child deserves an equal opportunity to achieve their greatest potential. While many will be college bound, others may desire careers that are better suited for trade schools or on-the-job training programs. It’s critical that every family has the resources they need to help their child make the best possible decision for his/her future.

Reinforce Support for Teachers: Over the past two years, our teachers have been forced to reinvent the way they teach. As an SUSD board member, I will always work to ensure our teachers have the tools and support they need to remain laser-focused on our students’ academic success.

Return to Fiscal Responsibility: Our community deserves fiscal prudence and A+ results. However, amid deteriorating academic scores, the current board has prioritized large investments in marketing and social media campaigns. Growing misalignment between administration and parents’ values have contributed to declining enrolment. Funding follows the student, so as parents choose other educational options the district’s financial position worsens. I will be a dedicated defender of fiscal responsibility, ensuring that your tax dollars produce maximum results.

Public schools are the heart of America. Please vote YES for Carine Werner for Scottsdale School Board on November 8, 2022, so that I can work for you to restore excellence to the heart of Scottsdale.

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