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Where It All Began...

At 11 years old, I landed on the tarmac to "America" by Neil Diamond playing over the loudspeakers. Three weeks later, I walked into a public school classroom and stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. While I did not speak English, I knew in that moment I was in the greatest country on earth.

As a public school mom of three who has been on the frontlines and in the trenches in SUSD for a decade - my youngest just graduated from SUSD in May. I attend board meetings — even the ones no one else goes to. I meet with administrators and review curriculum on their devices; I know where the bad stuff is and have a plan to remove it. I served on various committees in SUSD and have built relationships with parents, teachers, and administrators.

In May 2020, the community was in lockdown, Zoom was the new classroom, athletic programs and extracurricular activities were canceled. I recognized the harmful impacts that closing down these outlets had on students. I took action and launched a campaign, rallying 140 parents, and successfully got sports and extracurricular activities restarted. I recently spoke with a coach in the athletic department who told me, "Carine, had you not done that, we would not have had sports in 2020."

I have witnessed the steady decline in merit-based academics, with test scores tanking and teachers leaving the district in droves. Even the eight-year age gap between my oldest and youngest has revealed stark differences in how our children are being educated

In 2021 the 10th-grade math proficiency exam pass rates at Coronado High School was 8%, and Desert Mountain High School was 49%. Not one of SUSD's five high schools graduated their students at above 50% proficiency levels in math or ELA.

We must:

• Put our students and academic achievement first.

• Empower Parents and give our community a voice.

• Support our quality teachers-putting more money back in the classroom.

• Build a culture of trust – ensuring transparency and accountability.

• Restore traditional education, focusing on academics, not politics, and return to developing students' interests, not identities.

Real change will take common-sense leaders, who can influence others to see their vision for our schools. I am that leader and lived through and experienced firsthand the disarray in our district, and I am committed getting our public schools back on track for Scottsdale students, parents, teachers, and our community. As your next school board member, I will bring an enduring passion to secure our children's future, respect for our parents, restore trust, and build consensus without compromising our values. However, most importantly, I have a proven track record of making a positive impact in our community.

I'm ready to serve our community on the Scottsdale Unified Governing Board. With an extensive professional background in finance, as a business owner, and on-the-ground experience in causing positive change for students, parents, teachers, and community members, there is no better voice to advocate for you. Learn more here -

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